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February 12, 2010

Feb 2010 12 of 12

Hello again and welcome back to Chad's last year of 12 of 12. Who is Chad? Click here. Thank you, Chad for this wonderful thing you've given us. It's so much fun to do!

(Note: I'm also participating in a Spynotebook-generated project called Snapshot a Day. Yup. 365 photos in 2010. Click here to check that out at Flickr. Woo hoo!)

Here we go! Click any photo to enlarge. :)

9:34am: Y'know, it's really hard to haul my ass out of bed when a 15-pound Maine Coon is on my hip. Yeah, my alarm went of a while ago. Sleep is feeling good, though. So...

10:51am: Time to select the Tweet of the Day for Self-Management for Actors. Ack! The book is still selling so well that we're having to supply more to our international distributor. Not complaining. But holy crap. The book usually slows down after its first few months out. Well, yippee!

11:41am: Awesome Intern Christina has arrived and we're already having lunch. Keith is off to his audition in San Diego (for America's Most Wanted, one of his all-time favorite shows) and he brought us yummy salads before he headed out. Mine is a warm goat cheese, pear, and walnut salad. YES!

1:01pm: Velveeta Jr. (AKA Awesome Intern Christina Blevins) is working on the casting wiki. This project is also happening in homes all over LA, as my contingent of interns who don't come into the home office are helping with data entry and disposal of headshots. Yup. We're going paper-free, here! THANK YOU, INTERNS!

3:35pm: Blevins brought us some Valentine's Day goodies, and took our Starbucks gift card as her present right back. No idea how much is on the card, but she said she'd use it even if it's only a buck. So, yay!

3:51pm: Thwok is such a good helper. She's holding down all of the headshots we have entered in to the casting wiki. These will now go to interns for more data entry. Awesome.

4:01pm: How I spend many minutes per day, thanks to KiKi (AKA Erik Patterson, who invited me to this evil game at the end of 2009). It's Words With Friends, a free iPhone app. And what I really love is that I can chat with people, without having my texting thingy set up on my iPhone. :) So, it's convenient and competitive. Love!

5:28pm: Hello, gorgeous! It's Cîroc, and it loves me.

5:42pm: Reviewing this week's calendar. Ah. It wasn't my imagination. This week was frickin' crazy busy.

6:52pm: Keith is headed to the market to buy me a potato for baking. Yup. That's what I want for dinner. Thank you.

7pm: Have to say, I'm pretty thrilled that PUPPY CAM is back. We were so into this in 2008 that we even bought the 2009 Shiba Inu Pups Calendar. :\ (Yes, we're geeks.) So, yay! A new litter. And they're so much fun to watch now that their little personalities are coming out. These are the best weeks, coming up! Right now, they're still all wobbling around like drunken frat boys. I love that.

8pm: Finally, it's time to pick a new publicity photo. Alex Petrovich of Holloway Pictures shot me (and Keith) earlier this month and sent some amazing proofs our way. Ah... it's been over a decade since I did a formal "sitting" for photos. I'm out of practice. But I hope we'll find a winner in here somewhere, as we relaunch Brand Bonnie Gillespie.

As always, thank you, Chad, for another lovely 12 of 12. :) Life is good, and keeps getting goodlier. :) Thanks, everyone, for the feedback and love! XO

Posted by bonnie at February 12, 2010 9:51 PM


the 365 project is a lot of fun. Enjoy that. Whats really cool is looking back at the year with a visual diary...
I did it last year


Posted by: david at February 12, 2010 10:41 PM

Bon!!! Long time no "chat"!! :) Great shots. I especially love the expression on Thwok's face. CLASSIC!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Posted by: Beth at February 13, 2010 7:41 AM

You sound like me with the morning sleep-in. Thwock is such a handsome kitty...very distinguished looking. Your proofs are very nice.

Posted by: Sunny at February 13, 2010 3:44 PM

Love the publicity shots! In fact, I kind of like the idea of a triptych just like on the screen there.

At 9:41 am, I had been at work for an unconsciously lengthy period of time. I. am. so. jealous.

Nice 12!

Posted by: Chris at February 13, 2010 4:07 PM

I have strictly forbidden myself from visiting Puppy Cam any more... I've lost too many hours because of the puppy goodness. :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Posted by: Jill at February 14, 2010 7:11 AM

I think the first publicity photo is the nicest - not looking down as 3 and 4 are (only slightly, but they then look a little sterner). 1 is friendly and open, which is you :-)

Posted by: Helen (Dogeared) at February 14, 2010 2:57 PM

Awesome, David. That was my thought as well. I realized, looking back on 2009, that if I had been taking photos, I would have witnessed a HUGE shift in my life. Of course, that happens every year in some way (I believe), but to have a record of it is very cool. :) I find I'm taking a lot of photos of foot, animals, and sunsets. :) So far, all have been from my iPhone too.

Beth, hello! :) Thank you for visiting. Isn't Thwok the cutest? Don't think she doesn't know it! ;)

Sunny, thanks for the comment on the proofs. Still deciding. Should have the "winner" selected SOON. It's such an intense process, strangely. Thwok sends her love. :)

Chris, I love that idea. Let's just make my publicity photo a collage of all the best proofs. :) Heh heh! Sorry to hear about your early mornings. As you can see by the time I'm posting this reply (nearly 2:30am), I work pretty late. Just turned in my columns (3) and will be headed to bed soon. Will have an alarm go off at 8:55am but will stay in bed as long as the cats give me an excuse to do so. ;) I love that I get to blame them!

Ooh, Jill, I'm too addicted to leave Puppy Cam alone. It fills my dark spots with so many smiles. Next best thing to having my own bunch, I s'pose. :)

Hi Helen, thank you! It's so tough to know exactly what we're trying to accomplish, with these. Basically, I need something that says, "Trust me like you trust Oprah. And come to me when you need expertise, hand-holding, encouragement, and a wee bit of tough love too. Always with a y'all and in a pair of jeans." :)

THANK YOU, everyone, for visiting and commenting. So great to see you 'round these parts! XO

Posted by: Bon at February 15, 2010 2:23 AM

Thanks for sharing your day and great photos!

Posted by: Dan at February 16, 2010 5:42 PM

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