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August 23, 2007

Hee! Good day!

Okay, so, a good day. A very, very good day.

I start out by calling back the man I hope will be my new agent. He is so awesome. Asks if I want to do lunch, stop by his office, or run off to Vegas for our meeting next week. I choose option B, as his office is on the way to SAG, where I will be hosting another 200 audience member talk about resum├ęs and online casting for iActor (SAG's new thingy). I figure: bonus. He can come along if he'd like to see me doing that public speaking thing.

(I am seriously simultaneously freaked out and thrilled at the idea of having an agent again for the first time in... er... something like seven years. Yeah. I loved the serendipity that was signing with an agent over Thanksgiving dinner, 1999, and then was sad to make the call to her that I was leaving "the acting thing" behind after having spent a quarter-life making it "the only thing." But, MAN, have I *never* regretted retiring from acting. Not ONCE.)

Anyway, as I laid out five--yes five--new scripts, outlines, and treatments to begin the "review process" (meaning, I gotsta decide if I'm even writing up a BID to cast these things--and then I have to figure out what that bid might be), I thought, "How cool is it going to be to just change out the Producer Query Form on the Cricket Feet Casting website and have it say, 'for inquiries about Bonnie Gillespie's casting services, please contact Mr. Superagent at blah-blah-blah.' And then know, when the script comes over from HIM, that the deal memo has already been put together and all I have to do is cast the damn thing? So cool. That's how cool."

But, hey, if he's not the ONE, that's okay too. I now know I have the kind of self-pitch email and relationships with agents at the "right level" for me that I can go right back out and tap the next one 'til I'm in a gooooood partnership with someone who's gonna rock for me (and in whose pocket I'll put loads of commission dollars).

Anyway. It's a good day.

In fact, I got a cool little ego boost by checking out the Mayor Sam blog today. Seems that Joseph Mailander was in the house last night (the house being Tangier) for the little LA Bloggers Live event.

Here's part of what he had to say:

I went to a blogger reading last night at Tangier and listened to some younger and largely distaff LA voices read narratives about themselves. (A highlight for me was Bonnie Gillespie, who has a comedienne's timing.)

Well, YAY! (Distaff, yes. Younger? Ooh, thanks! And with the timing? Well, now, I may just have to kiss you! *giggle* *blush* *curtsy*)

You KNOW I love the good reviews! Hee!

Click it to big it.

Anyway, wanted to take a moment to also upload the program from last night. Especially because it not only features my favorite ex-boyfriend's Spy Notebook, but also his favorite anagram of my name. Hee! Thanks for getting me set up to blog, Chip! Yay!

And thank you, Leah, for letting me join in the fun. Huge thanks to Colleen for the ever-present support and love.

Bonus shout-out to my rockstar intern Julie because, well, sometimes chocolate isn't enough. {{hugs}}

Oh, and thank you, LA weather. I'm chilly cold. And that's yummy fun! Whee!

Posted by bonnie at August 23, 2007 8:57 PM

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Hey, congratulations on the agent! I hope that it works out the way you want it to.

It was great meeting you and Keith the other night. I'll look forward to the next time, hopefully sooner rather than later.

And I thoroughly enjoyed your reading. Speaking of which, I know that I should've only read one story, and slowed down a bit...a lot...and not profusely perspired all over the god damn place, but if you have any pointers for me, I'd truly appreciate them. :)

Posted by: Kevin Charnas at August 24, 2007 1:58 PM

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